DETRICON ( is a Belgian SME constructing environmental technologies for the valorisation of organic waste streams. The focus lies on the nutrient recovery out of manure and digestate, producing biobased or green fertilizers for local use. DETRICON’s technology can give the EU biogas installations and piggeries an additional revenue source if a green fertilizer market can be established.

The second activity of Detricon is the development of a market for biobased liquid ammoniumnitrate 52 m%.
In general DETRICON aims to reduce the ecological footprint of fertilizer production and transportation, giving farmers a cost equivalent alternative for making their land fertile.

Contact person: Denis De Wilde
Tel.: +32 486 69 77 79


AINIA ( is a Spanish non-profit technological centre formed by companies in the food manufacturing sector and related industries, whose objective is the promotion of innovation and technological development.

AINIA is a leading technology centre in the area of Anaerobic Digestion (biogas/biomethane) of agricultural organic waste. Main research areas are: development of new pre-treatments, validation of new substrates, reduction of biological risks, control and modelling of the anaerobic process, microbiological characterization of the anaerobic fermentation by means of molecular biological tools (PCR/DGGE). AINIA has available a highly qualified experimental infrastructure for anaerobic digestion research. In particular, a biomethanation unit at semi-industrial scale composed of 15 pilot biodigesters to carry out tests for evaluating biogas productivity and composition, optimal substrates mixture, best operational parameters and the quality of the digestate, among other parameters. It boasts a biomethanation unit at laboratory scale composed by 72 biodigesters to carry out maximum biogas potential tests (MBP) by means of the VDI 4630 standard.

Contact person: Paz Gómez
Tel.: +34 610 79 13 81

BIOGAS-E ( is a non-profit organization and the platform for anaerobic digestion in Flanders. As main activities, Biogas-E works on knowledge transfer, policy support, education, advice centre, networking and sector development.
Biogas-E wants non-profit independent research to be related to all aspects (technological, economic, legislative, social and environmental) of anaerobic digestion. Biogas-E is also an information point where all parties are welcome to seek free independent advice and information. Biogas-E seeks its target audience through publications. From their experience they try to inform and stimulate the government in an objective way about the development of anaerobic digestion in Flanders. Through evening classes and excursions Biogas-E tries to inform operators, industrialists, students and interested people.

Contact person: Jonathan De Mey
Tel.: +32 (0)56 24 12 63

UNITO, Universita degli Studio di Torino. University of Turin (Dept. Disafa) ( is organized in four sections: Economy, Hydraulics, Mechanics and Topography and Rural Buildings. Sixty people work in the department that is among the two leading agricultural engineering institutions in Italy.
The research programs focus on sustainable agriculture, modelling and simulation of agricultural processes, logistics and work organization, automation and process organization, quality assessment, agro-food supply chain, safety and traceability and sustainable cultivation systems. People working at UNITO have 10 years’ experience in biogas production and the logistics of biomass and manure treatments.

Contact person: Remigio Berruto
Tel.: +39 011 670 85 96

SATA ( was established in 1986 as Studio Agronomico Tecnico Associato then went on to become a company of agronomists, whose mission is to meet the growing demand for services in the vegetable supply chain, from production in the countryside to distribution right through to the consumer.
Alongside dissemination of integrated production and the growing attention being paid to food safety and the environment, SATA expanded its services and went from just providing technical assistance for production to experimenting, to providing organisational consultancy and training, through to process and product auditing and control.

Contact person: Paolo Rendina
Tel.: +39 340 07 42 110


Co-funded by the Eco-innovation Initiative of the European Union