The work programme is divided into 6 work packages.

paquetes de trabajo Digesmart

WP1: The first work package is dedicated to management activities. Financial and administrative activities of the project are developed. The WP leader is BIOGAS-E.

WP2: The second Work Package aims at preparing the specifications for the equipment to be tested in the following WPs. The work is divided in four tasks. The first task (2.1), led by DETRICON covers the specifications of the stripping. A new (T2.2) task is included to specify on solar drying technology. In the task T2.3, BIOGAS-E and AINIA will also study the regulatory context and the energy costs in Belgium, Italy, France and Spain. A synthesis of the previous specifications will be realised in the last task (T2.4) coordinated by AINIA. The WP leader is BIOGAS-E.

WP2 bis (UNITO) is focused on optionally use the solar drying technology in combination with stripping technology that is the first market implementation carried out in WP3. Besides renting a pilot plant produced by the solar drying industry, the project partners will also evaluate the possibility to design and build a customized pilot drier, on the basis of studies available in the scientific literature, and on their past experience in the field of prototype production.

WP3: The objective of the third Work Package (WP3) is to carry out first market implementation. During the first task (T3.1), equipment will be installed in the farm (in Belgium) and digestate and green fertilizers will be produced in the second task (T3.2). The assessment of the fertilizer quality and performance is carried in the last task (T3.3). The WP is coordinated by Detricon; it involves UNITO and SATA.

WP4: The fourth Work Package (WP4) aims at evaluating the results of WP3 and at studying the possibilities of market replication. During the first task (T4.1), UNITO will assess the results of the on-farm tests and will provide an exhaustive comparison with existing technologies. Also the logistic aspects will be investigated here, comparing traditional distribution systems of slurry and digestate with the new proposed methods. The environmental, economic, regulatory, societal and social aspects will be covered. The DIGESMART concept will be validated in the second task (T4.2) and AINIA will study the possibilities of market replication. The WP leader is AINIA.

WP5: The business model will be prepared in the fifth Work Package (WP5). The work is divided in two tasks: the first one (T5.1, coordinated by UNITO) concerns the elaboration of business plans for different technologies and scenarios, and the second task (T5.2, led by DETRICON) concerns the preparation of the marketing plan. The WP leader is UNITO.

WP6: Finally, the sixth Work Package (WP6) concerns the dissemination and communication activities. The tasks include: the development of a public website (T6.1 by AINIA), the preparation and diffusion of newsletters and press releases (T6.2 by BIOGAS-E), the communication towards end-users (T6.3 by BIOGAS-E), the communication of the results to policy makers (T6.4 by AINIA) and the organisation of both the visit in France and in Italy (T6.5 by UNITO). This WP is coordinated by AINIA.


Co-funded by the Eco-innovation Initiative of the European Union